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PT Satwardi Makmur Sejati

PT Satwardi Makmur Sejati - Jual Circuit Breaker dan Kabel Listrik

About Us

PT Satwardi Makmur Sejati (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

MAKMUR SEJATI is an importer and stockist company of industrial goods to meet the maintenance and fabrication needs of companies in the territory of Indonesia. Established since 1996 and with more than 20 years of experience, our company is trying to answer the challenges ahead that are facing increasingly competitive Industrialist companies. The efficiency of costs with quality goods that are maintained is an obligation of our company to be able to keep up with the rhythm of Industrial companies that are increasingly smart in all fields. Given how important the production process of a company is, we provide quality goods and deliver goods on time to your company. Every step, we always apply the values ​​that we have also developed together. Our values ​​are:
· HONEST: Only provide goods that are ORIGINAL not fake and guaranteed authenticity and quality.
· FAIR: Underlying negotiation steps towards a win-win solution that benefits both parties.
· PROFESSIONAL: Elements of speed, accuracy, professional responsibility and ethics become our work ethic.
· SMART WORK: Knowledge of products, skills and experience minimizes error requests.
· Obeying the norms of Religion, decency, politeness, and law.
With these values, we have confidence that we will be able to become trusted partners for our customers. With customers, we build a work team to produce products that meet the needs of customers. We hear, understand, provide solutions, and do work seriously so that we can get maximum results. Customer satisfaction is very important for us, because we are passionate about building sustainable cooperation.

Menjadi Perusahaan Yang Handal Dan Terpercaya Dibidang Kebutuhan Industri

Selalu Berinovasi, Untuk Mencapai Posisi Terdepan Dan Dapat Dipercaya, Dengan Orientasi Yang Konsisten Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan

Bidang bisnis kami adalah : Abrasive, Electrical, Belt and Gear, Cutting Tool, Hand Tool, Measuring Instrument, Power Tool, Safety Equipment, dll.
Adapun produk-produk yang kami jual antara lain"
1.Berbagai Lampu LED (Lampu Traffic, Lampu Downlight, Lampu PAR, Lampu Bohlam, LED Driver, LED Strip, Lampu Taman, Lampu Sorot, dll)
2. Perlengkapan Safety (Sarung Tangan, Pakaian Safety)
3. Kabel Listrik (Kabel Listrik Jembo, Kabel Listrik Supreme, Kabel Metal)
4. Pompa
Dan masih banyak lagi produk-produk kami yang lain.

Taman Surya 5 Blok MM 1/79 Pegadungan, Kalideres, Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat 11830
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

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